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By Adam Teller Block
February 17, 2010

This website is for family descended from Marx and Caroline Teller who, with their offspring, emigrated to the U.S. from Bavaria in the 1840’s. (For a memoir about the family in those years, click on Teller Family Background in the table of contents on the left of the screen.)

A hundred years later, Chester Jacob Teller compiled a genealogy which documented Marx and Caroline’s known descendants and their spouses.

It took several years for my grandfather to collect family information and record it by hand on index cards. I was nine in 1944 when he published Teller Family in America. By then, concepts such as third cousins twice removed had become second-nature and interesting to me.

Now, six and a half decades later, I have written software to make Chester Teller’s data readily available on this website. It’s the first part of a planned system designed to bring the genealogy up to date via easy data entry here. You are cordially invited to collaborate in this project.

To use the existing software, click on Enter Tellerkin System in the menu to the left. Then, using the succeeding menu, read the System Help page and Retrieve a Tellerkin Record.

Between publication of the original genealogy in 1944 and its supplement in 1954, the count of known family members grew from 687 to 843. If a similar rate of increase has continued, a comparable record of our Teller family in America would probably now consist of around 3,000 names.

In his essay Why Genealogy?, Chester Jacob Teller explained what animated his genealogical pursuits. After mulling that over and reviewing various computer programs, I concluded that continuing in the same spirit made a strong case for me to write the software.

Toward that end, I scanned Teller Family in America and its supplement, New Teller Generations, both downloadable from this website as PDF files. Scanned images were converted into the relational database that underlies this website’s software.

It shouldn’t be too long before software will be ready to start updating the Teller family genealogical database. Therefore, it’s time to build connections with more cousins, distributed broadly enough to cover all the lines that descended from Marx and Caroline’s 6 children and 49 grandchildren. For that reason and family fellowship, I look forward to hearing from interested cousins. The easiest way to send me an e-mail is by clicking on the following link:

Adam Teller Block <>

Additional material will be added to this website periodically.

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