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June 15, 2021

This website is for family descended from Marx and Caroline Teller who, with their offspring, emigrated to the U.S. from Bavaria in the early 1840’s.

A hundred years later, their great-grandson, Chester Jacob Teller, compiled a genealogy which documented Marx and Caroline’s known descendants and their spouses.

The menu item Browse general-interest pages, to the left, leads to information about the Teller family, genealogy, this website, and procedures for downloading copies of the printed books.

This website has a tool for easy retrieval of selected information from the data collected by Chester Teller up to early 1953. To use the existing retrieval software, click on Retrieve a Tellerkin Record in the menu to the left. Before doing that, it will be useful to read the System Help page.

Additional software is being developed so that Teller cousins will be able to update the database. You are cordially invited to collaborate in the project.

Teller family members are urged to join the Cousins Group by clicking on Register on the left of the screen.

Software for updating the Teller family genealogical database will be available shortly. For that reason and family fellowship, I look forward to hearing from interested cousins. The easiest way to send me an e-mail is by clicking on the following link:

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Additional material will be added to this website periodically.

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